Our Learning Plan

If the staff, students and parents at Mamquam Elementary School develop an inquiry based framework which incorporates:

  • arts infused pedagogy,
  • deeper learning tasks for problem solving,
  • Aboriginal ways of knowing, being, and doing, and;
  • a shared philosophy of growth mindset…

Then students will be able to demonstrate:

  • deep learning both independently and collaboratively,
  • application, communication and self-assessment of their creative and critical thinking processes, and;
  • safe risk taking with their learning (the power of “yet”)…

And, then teachers will be able to:

  • collaborate and co-plan for student ownership, experiential learning and hands on tasks,
  • provide more time for student to go deeper and be more creative, and;
  • model the reflective practice of a growth mindset


Over the past several years, Mamquam Elementary has focused on developing student self-regulation and as such school plans have had social emotional learning goals.  Strategies have included Zones of Regulation, Mind Up, Play is the Way, Roots of Empathy to name a few.

Arts infusion has a strong focus on the process rather than the product along with creativity and creative thought, allowing for student multiple modalities to make visible their thinking and learning.


In our new school learning plan, we seek to build on past good work and focus on student learning more specifically.  We believe that deeper more purposeful learning through student inquiry is how we will build student capacity with the competencies of our District’s Pathways to Education Plan.  And that through problem solving both creative and critical thinking, our students will be both deeply engaged in authentic learning experiences while at the same time developing in the area of social emotional learning.

Our inquiry framework will incorporate Aboriginal ways of knowing, doing, and being.  We understand the need to pay close attention and be purposeful in our teaching and learning.  to help us with this we embrace First People Principles of Learning where learning is holistic, reflective, experiential and relational.


Development of a Growth Mindset is also a major tenet of our plan as it is necessary for students, staff and parents to understand and embrace the major shift in student learning that is articulated in our District Pathways to Learning and BC Ed Plans.  Student learning now focuses on development of competencies with an emphasis on learning a both foundation and process.  That this notion of “yet” will help our community to shift from compliance to engagement; isolation to collaboration, reaction to purpose and focus.  It provides us with common language and philosophy that each person learns in their own unique ways and time, and that all can grow and achieve as learners.  Development of a Growth Mindset also assists with many of the social emotional learning goals such as building resiliency, self-esteem/self-awareness, and self regulation.

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Please follow this link to view the School Districts Learning Enhancement plan    https://sd48achievement.org/