Administration and other staff

At Mamquam, we all work to make it a caring, kind and respectful community.  The goal being to help make our students become caring, kind and respectful adults.


Ms. R. Hislop, Principal

Ms. J. Smillie, Secretary

Other Support Staff

Mrs. N. Baumann, Student Learning Services

Mrs. M. Wada, Student Learning Services

Mr. M. Weiss, Student Learning Services

Mrs. A. Thomson, Fine Art Teacher (Music/Dance/Drama)

Mrs. T. Sherlock, Librarian

Ms. M. Nolan, Speech/Language Pathologist

Mrs. B. Schulz, School Counselor

Teaching Assistants

Mrs. A. Askew, Ms. N. Daney, Ms. S. Stevenson, Ms. K. Hunter, Mrs. K. alder

Ms. Y. Brekke, First Nations Support Worker


Ms. D. Kerr, Custodian

Mr. T. Postrach, Custodian