We are working hard at updating our Library to be a more flexible space for children to find that great book and for classes to utilize our resources and learning environment.   We send out HUGE thank you’s to our PAC for their generous donations so we can purchase moveable shelving units and books and to our local Wal Mart who has “adopted” our school.  Wal Mart has not only supplied our school with student classroom supplies, but also $2000 for more BOOKS!!!  We can’t wait to go on our spending spree!


Our school librarian, Mrs. Sherlock hosts a variety of events and classes in our busy library.  Along with our library assistant, Mrs. Dean, students are welcomed and encouraged to take out new books, help shelve and sort, and to be part of either the Red Cedar Book Club (for grades 4-6) or the Chocolate Lily Book Club (for grades 1-3).

Our Home Reading program encourages parents to read with, or listen to our younger readers read on a daily basis at home.   This is a great way to have some quality one-on-one time with your child and helps them gain confidence in their abilities.  Reading is a life long passion.

Mrs. Sherlock will keep you up-to-date with library activities and ideas to help parents find great resources and reading material for your readers or struggling readers.  Check out the library website