Welcome Back

Dear Parents,

We would like to welcome you and your children back to Mamquam for the 2015-16 school year. For, those families who are new to our school community, we look forward to meeting you and your children next week. We are in process of updating our website but have run into a few technical glitches. As such we wanted you to have the following information for next week:

Tuesday, September 8
All Grade 1 to Grade 6 students attend from 8:48 am to 10 am. Students will be gathering in grade teams with teachers. Please check our bulletin board outside our main entrance to see where your child should line up prior to 8:48 am.

New students should enter the school through the main entrance and then head to our library where a staff member will greet them and take them to their grade classroom.

For parents, our Parent Advisory Council will have tea, coffee and baked goods in our gymnasium. This is a wonderful way to connect as parents while your children meet with their teachers and peers.

Kindergarten students will joining us throughout the day for their individual interviews. As per the July mail out, you should have your specific interview time for Tuesday as well as your mini-day information and the gradual entry into the Kindergarten program. If you did not receive the mail out, please contact the school office tomorrow (Friday, September 4).

Wednesday & Thursday
Grade 1 through 6

Students begin the day as they did Tuesday, in their grade grouping classroom.

Children will be rotating through various activities with several of our teachers. Our intention is to build community throughout the school. We, as a staff, want to connect with all students and get to know each of them. We also want our students to get to know and be comfortable with all staff members.

Students will also be participating with the Interactive Dance Company, SQXDanza.

Using contemporary dance, sport, acrobatics, and teamwork, SQxDanza dance professionals promote leadership, selflessness, and anti-bullying in an innovative learning environment. Mamquam students will spend 6 hours over two days working together to create an interactive dance performance that they will share on Friday September 11 at 2:30 pm in the Mamquam gym.  Every member of the Mamquam school community is invited to come and join in this dance celebration!

Friday, September 11
Grade 1 through 6
Once again, students will begin the day in their grade group. It is our intention to have our class organization completed so that Friday morning once gathered, students will be assisted to their classroom teacher.
All kindergarten children will gather in the gym at start of day and staff members will escort them to their respective classrooms.
Dance Celebration – 2:30 pm
All Grade 1 through 6 students attend. Kindergarten students will take part on Thursday but not Friday afternoon given their entry program. Parents are most welcome to join the Dance Celebration Friday afternoon as well.

Should your child be absent this first week whether that be for a day or the entire week, please let us know via phone or email asap so that we know that you intend your child to be enrolled at Mamquam this year. We will be diligent in terms of attendance so that that we can organize classes in order to best meet student needs.

School Supplies
As a reminder, school supplies have been purchased through the school for each classroom. We will send a note home in the second week to indicate fees for these supplies. We hope that this has assisted families to simplify back to school routines.

New & Improved Parking Lot
We ask that parents please familiarize themselves with the new entry from the south end (by Viking Ridge) and exit at the north end (Greg Gardner). We ask that you please park at either end of the parking lot (Primary at the south end and Intermediate at the north end). We want to alleviate congestion and the back-up of traffic. Staff will be asked to park in the center parking spots to assist with this new procedure. Please note that there is also parking on the other side of the overpass making access quick and easy. We will monitor ease and safety of this new traffic pattern in the first few weeks and adjust as necessary. Thank you for your co-operation.

School newsletters are sent home electronically twice a month and we will send our first one home the end of the second week back. A Principal’s update will also be sent home weekly. We are going to be working on our website so that this is a central place for you to find all information you need to about the school.

Parent Advisory Council
The first meeting will be Tuesday, September 15 at 7pm in our school library. Johanna Proudfoot, PAC Chair, on behalf of the council welcomes and encourages all parents to attend. Parent partnership is a key part of our school community and your child’s (children’s) education.

As new Principal of Mamquam, I am excited and honored to join the Mamquam school community and look forward to working with parents as partners. I look forward to meeting you next week whether that be in the parking lot, at the PAC welcome tea or in the hallways etc. Communication with parents is very important to me and I will do my very best in this endeavor. Please call, email or pop in and I will do my best to avail myself.

General School Forms

Kindergarten Registration

If you have a child turning 5 years old by December 31, then it’s time to register for Kindergarten!  Please bring with you:  the child’s birth certificate, care card, immunization record and something with your physical street address on it (usually your driver’s license will suffice!)

If you ‘d like to fill out the paperwork before hand you can print it here:


School Supplies

This year we are trying something new. Instead of preordering school supplies, the school will order what the teachers require for their classroom and parents can then just pay a fee for their supplies once the classrooms are set!

Welcome Back

School Starts Next WEEK!

Tuesday, September 8th, the school will officially open!  The morning bell rings at 8:48 am and students will be dismissed at 10:00 am.   Please check the bulletin board that will be at the front of the school on Tuesday, to see where students will go for attendance in the morning.  Our Parent Advisory Council will have coffee and tea set up in the gym for parents to reconnect after the summer break.

ALSO, if you haven’t noticed yet, our parking lot has changed.  ALL vehicles will enter through the south end of the parking lot and exit at the north end.  We hope this new configuration makes it easier for parents to park in the morning to unload students and alleviate much of the congestion and back-up of traffic.  Don’t forget, there is also parking on the other side of the overpass making access quick and easy.

School supplies have been purchased by the school and a note will go home in the first weeks to indicate the fee for student supplies.

And on a final note – please welcome Mrs. Renee Hislop, our new Principal at Mamquam Elementary – we look forward to many years of learning together!!

Welcome Back To School!!